Reductions to P&P – Introducing FREE SHIPPING on orders over £60!

As an etailer, it’s important to us to provide the best possible customer experience that we can. We do our best to make sure that your goods are dispatched quickly from the Emporium, and that any issues are dealt with quickly.

One of the biggest issues for us, and anyone running an online business is the cost of P&P. Keeping up with the regular changes to post office charges is an ongoing challenge, and making sure that our products are properly packaged so they reach you in pristine condition is of paramount importance.

To be fair, when you consider the cost of P&P against the cost of fuel / parking / losing hours of your life walking around the shops, it all starts to look a lot more reasonable but we’re still keen to give you the best value for money possible.

The Post Office recently introduced more changes to the postage charges, complicating things further.  You’d think that if you posted things together it would work out cheaper. Sadly that’s not the case in all instances – for example, to post two copies of the book works out MUCH more expensive.

Anyway, we’re not here to play our violins and tell you how tricky it is for us to balance charging a fair price for P&P with how much it ACTUALLY costs us to fulfill your order. We’re here to tell you that we’ve managed to reduce some of the charges!

So, with immediate effect, you’ll be able to benefit from the following P&P reductions at the Emporium:

Books – £4.99 (reduced from £5.99)

T-Shirts £1.99 (reduced from £2.99)

We’ve trialling a new courier system which gives you the option to pay £7 postage for your entire order – ideal if you’re ordering more than one product.

And finally, we’re also trialling FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £60.

Tight Lines!



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